Moulded Epoxy SUP Introduction

    Our stand up paddle board design is continually evolving.The materials and production technologies we use currently are considerably advanced than we first started producing SUPS back to 2009.The newest  technology allows the boards with better hydrodynamic ,strength as well as eco-friendly option. We are proud of our products and development of technologies and materials which make sure we have a energy to thrive in this market.

    All stand up paddle board are made with finest materials,including epoxy resins and fiber. Our newest technology range now been developed by the latest heated compression moulded technology.It’s currently the most advanced molulds to produce a more durable and lighter board from a tuned mould.Our moulded boards are 30% stronger and 1-2KGS lighter compared with the traditional vacummized sealed boards.

    Moulded epoxy construction produces a very durable,well weighted board by combining multiple components into a single high pressure moulding process.This type of construction is ideally suitable to highly stand-up paddle boards.

    After the mould is built,we put a medium density EPS core that’s been shaped or moulded to the specification,and then two or three layers of fiber glass cloth on the deck and two layers of fiber glass cloth on the bottom. Each fiber glass is applied to the core in alternating sequence using less resin than hand laminated but createds a four or five layers frame around the board rails,which adds to the overall strength.


积层    板缘

    Then the mould is heated and constant pressure is applied as the moulded heats up,the EPS core expands and pushes the lamination against the mould.The whole process lasts for at least two hours and ensures all the materials fuse together and all all excess resin and weight is eliminated. At last we take the finished moulded board from the mould,clean up,and then,sanding and paint spraying,to achieve a smooth and sleek board surface.

模具2 模具2

    Compared with hand laminated and finished boards,moulded boards,glassing work finished  after 2 hours in the mould,in one completion,no flipping time at all during the whole process.That absolutely benefits us less resin waste,and the the most important,more environmentally friendly!

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